Welcome to TLVstyle – the expert who can take you behind the scenes of Israel’s most creative fashion talents


Israel is globally recognized as a dynamic and thriving fashion center with the city of Tel Aviv leading the way.
Brimming with passion and creative energy, Israeli designers are creating bold new statements
in shared spaces and ‘apartments-turned- studios’ off the beaten-path of Tel Aviv’s bustling streets.
Led by fashion maven and curator Galit Reismann, TLVstyle offers you diverse and exciting
ways to connect to the pulse of the emerging Israeli fashion design scene.
With tailor-made tours, special projects and events, each service we provide is uniquely designed
to crack the code of the Israeli fashion and design industries.
 It takes a true insider and an expert to navigate this exciting fashion hub.



The stories behind the scenes, the faces behind the brands, TLVstyle provides with insider’s insights about Israel’s most riveting designers.
Whether you’re a design enthusiast, or you simply want to experience Tel Aviv off the beaten track and be inspired by its most creative people, TLVstyle provides exceptional personalized tours that keep travelers coming back for more.


TLVstyle curates content events and exhibitions, serving as a catalyst for creativity, innovation and partnerships in the Israeli design arena.
Each event and exhibition shares stories and narratives carried by garments, possible only in
Tel Aviv’s one-of-a kind atmosphere, mix of people
and cultural influences.



From lectures and workshops to fashion shows, hosting international missions and creating education programs, TLVstyle has initiated and collaborated across a broad spectrum of design-centric events and projects. All projects are held with a common ambition: to leverage, celebrate and educate about Israeli fashion and design.



Best Creative Travel Agency TLV Style-01 (2).png

TLVstyle has been awarded
"Best Creative Travel Agency 2017" 

The International Jury of the Creative Tourism Awards announced that
TLVstyle has been awarded “Best Creative Travel Agency 2017".
The Jury highlighted the quality, originality, innovation and sustainability of
TLVstyle  as well as its engagement for the artistic and experiential tourism.
The winners have been revealed within the World Travel Market in London,
one of the most important international tourist fairs. 


  “One of the most memorable tours ever had in Israel”

  “I was part of a Jewish National Fund Mission for Art and Fashion in Israel. We felt extremely      lucky to have Galit as our guide. Her knowledge and feel for fashion and fashion history was      heartfelt and excellent. Her tour helped us to appreciate the incredible creativity and                  dedication of fashion designers in Tel Aviv” - Cannon S

  “A Magical Look Into Israeli Fashion”

  “It was fascinating to meet the charming young designers and to hear from them about their      design philosophy and creative process. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was      absolutely inspirational (plus the shopping was fabulous)" - Anastasia T

  “An Immersion Into The fashion Industry” 

  “TLVstyle Tour was nothing less than amazing. Galit takes into consideration exactly what each    client is looking for and develops the tour around that. She was able to help me with my own    personal style and how to make the most of it. The tour is so much more than going on a            shopping trip. It is an immersion into the fashion industry and the beating heart behind it.
   It was so fun meeting the designers and seeing where and how they work. Everyone was so      welcoming and nice. Galit is extremely knowledgeable in the fashion industry and in the            cultural background in Tel Aviv. Besides being fun, it was very informational.
   I recommend this    tour for anyone” - Skruege


Interested in a special tour? Whether you’re an individual traveler, a group or a company interested in an unmatched experience, we can offer you a close encounter with Israel’s design forces.
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