Welcome to my personal world of inspiration, feelings and ideas, where I will share with you all I experience in TLVstyle life and the world of Israelis design. I will share the best stories and my photography’s captured from my life in Tel Aviv and around the world related to local community. 

However, before starting diving into that exciting experience I want to devote this post for BIRTH; birth of my spirit, entrepreneurial world and my child. 

Turning point of my journey started 10 years ago when I started my spiritual journey after almost a decade in the Media filed. Around that time I was lucky enough to start a wonderful position as marketing manager in a fashion distribution company that brought me to New York few times a year and proudly represented a collective of Israeli accessories designers. For 4.5 years I did this “shuttle” TLV-NY with joy and lots of passion, meeting new friends from all over the world and establishing ongoing business opportunities for the designers. Yet, something was missing – I was missing my ground and my connection to the city I love so much – Tel Aviv!  

When I turn 35 years old I did an exceptional spiritual journey that taught me a lesson about freeing our spirit and soul. Following that I knew that I need to quit my job and fulfilling my dreams. 6 months later I established the first fashion tourism service in Israel that i called TLVstyle – a company that combines my passion to TLV, local creativity and international people. 

Since 2012 I have been honored to lead both private and group tours – for clients visiting from over 15 countries – in addition to hosting fashion, art, and textile events, both within and outside of Israel.  I love what I do, I found my mission and excited to share it with you. I welcome you to join my journey and discover yourself the uniqness and originality of this evolving industry.