The first tour, I remember clearly to this day: morning in Tel Aviv, A tall thin woman with a huge smile, accompanied by three other charming women, came into the store. While she was talking about Israeli fashion, I introduced myself and explained my work, and she began to connect all the dots of creation and innovation in the emerging and exciting world of Israeli fashion” - that was the beginning of our journey together ... with a huge smile!”

That is Elisha’s memory too of our first connection, a beautiful relationship that still evolves every day. I have to admit that and we still haven’t stopped laughing together, and TLVstyle clients have the privilege of meeting one of the most promising upcoming designers in Israel, and through the tour they get an understanding of my vision of his work – advanced, innovative fashion. Always brave, pushing the boundaries of Israel's fashion scene, bringing new messaging and communicating the free spirit of a singular fashion entrepreneur.


One of the special collaborations we have done recently happened when six months ago, I got a surprising phone call offering me the opportunity to be part of his current catalog collection. Of course I was super excited and honored. I know how much he cares about the women who wear his fashions, and wants to offer them unique clothes, and so therefore, it was a huge treat to be his muse for a day and to model his beautiful pieces. As Elisha mentioned: “The photographs with Galit represent for me the connection between us; two people who prevent from a good conversation, sincerity, thought, color and joy” (MAKEUP: NOFAR COHEN, HAIR: OMRI RESHEF, PHOTOGRAPHY: ADI TARKAY)


I am so happy to share few images I liked the best, but also a video which I took during one of my visit to his studio where I interviewed him about Israeli fashion – his answers, as usual, were integrative and interesting.

Interview by: Jonny Manousaridis

For 2019, I wish to raise and promote the conversation of Israeli fashion and to introduce more international audiences to our remarkable rising talents. To run pop-up collaboration, host an interesting panel about slow fashion, traditional vs. innovation in fashion, and uniqueness in the Israeli fashion arena.